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what we do

Twice per year we recruit 5 of the most exciting early stage startups to join us in our incubator in Edinburgh, UK. We invest £30,000 (£18,000 in real terms) via equity investment through our syndicate of Seed Haus Partners. We work closely with thought leaders and subject matter experts to understand the big problems that need solved. Put simply, we build market-driven startups.
What we do

Seed Haus startups receive £30,000 from a suite of value-add tech investors. Seed Haus supports great teams with new ideas - we help build solutions to problems through an intensive accelerator programme, based in Edinburgh, where we get the company into the best possible shape. Our startups are with us for 6 months and are part of the Seed Haus network for life.

Who we work with

We work with the most ambitious early stage founders. Our founders come from all walks of life and many of them already have a startup or two under their belt. We help these best in class founders prepare for their seed round.


Our founding team have deep domain experience in the tech startup space. The Seed Haus founding team have: launched a startup and taken it all the way through to a trade exit, advised over 200 early stage founders, and hold advanced degrees in technical subjects.


We want to help build startups that are achieving traction and are working towards the right metrics. We help founders measure the right things and gain traction.


It may sound odd but we think the investment is the least valuable part of our offering. We are looking to the future and supporting startups in raising a proper seed round that maps to real business needs.


It may sound like a contradiction but we think of our investment as the next best thing to bootstrapping. Our startups have the potential to become some of the most successful tech companies in the world and we help them get their foundations in place.

why work with us

We have a fantastic relationship with thought leaders, subject matter experts, and leading corporates across the technology landscape.

Before each Seed Haus batch intake, we engage with these individuals and institutions to pinpoint key areas in need of novel tech solutions. We then identify and recruit the founders who are best placed to tackle these big problems. Seed Haus is one of the only accelerators in the world to operate on this model and it is key to building startups with real impact.

The founders that are accepted in to Seed Haus will join us in our headquarters in Edinburgh, UK.


Our portfolio is made up of innovative and disruptive startups.


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