We’ve pulled together a collection of the questions we are asked most frequently. We have covered both investments and office hours.


Who do you invest in?

We invest at the pre-seed stage in tech businesses – we have committed to invest in founders before incorporation and have also invested in revenue generating opportunities.

Who should apply to join Seed Haus?

The people who would derive most value from Seed Haus are at an early stage and want to focus on: building out their product, acquiring users, and raising their first big seed round. Seed Haus effectively buys founder’s time.

How much do you invest?

We invest a small amount, £18,000 for 8% equity – it’s actually £30,000 minus programme fees, legals, accountancy, rent etc. so it will feel like £18,000 in real terms.

Why do you not invest more?

We have some fantastic Seed Haus Partners and a network of amazing value-add investors. The purpose of Seed Haus is to give founders 6-months to find their feet and prep for a significant fundraising event. Our mission is to support as many great founders as possible, get off and running.

Do I have to relocate?

Yes, we ask all startups to colocate with us in the Seed Haus offices in Edinburgh, UK. The peer support and access to mentors is incredibly important and where the real value of Seed Haus comes to life.

How do I apply?

Please apply here or come along and meet us at our next office hours.

Office Hours

What is office hours?

We set aside a little bit of time each month to meet with founders and offer insight and guidance.

Who is it for?

You could be a founder of business generating revenue or you could be in a full-time role and thinking of launching a startup. We can support across the board here.

When is it?

We tend to open up office hours on the first or second Tuesday of every month – check out our homepage for details of the next event.

What is the outcome of office hours?

We would hope to be able to help you articulate the metrics & milestones that you could work on over the next few weeks/months. Ideally, we’d love to build a relationship with you with a view to investing.

Where is it?

We like to host in our office in Edinburgh and as it’s early evenings and pretty informal we like to chat openly (you are more than welcome to grab a beer from our drinks fridge).

Do I need to prep for it?

It’s useful to have a couple of questions or topics to discuss – it means you are likely to derive more value from the session.

Office Hours with the Seed Haus Team

We love meeting early stage founders, and pre-founders, and invite people to apply to join us for a quick 15-min session as part of our next office hours session.