We’ve pulled together a collection of the questions we are asked most frequently. We have covered both investments and office hours.


What is the typical size of investment?

We invest between £30k-60k. The core funding comes from Techstart Ventures and we help founders top this up with angel investment.

How is the investment structured?

We tend to invest using an Advance Subscription Agreement. This is very similar to a convertible loan note. Alternatively, in some cases we will lead a priced equity round.


Where do you invest?

We only invest in companies based in Scotland.

Are you an accelerator/incubator?

We initially positioned ourselves as an accelerator but found we were operating as more of a community with a micro fund as opposed to an accelerator. We don’t have a programme and don’t do demo days etc.

What don’t you invest in?

We do not invest in traditional brick and mortar small businesses, art/film projects, pharmaceutical companies, solar panels, real estate, restaurants / physical retail. We invest in tech companies.

How do I apply?

Please apply above or apply for our next office hours session.

What is the ideal stage for investment?

In general we evaluate three areas and would like to see at least some traction in each:

Product: You have built and launched your product, even if it is a duct-taped together, ‘no-code’, Minimum Viable Product.

Customer Validation: Some evidence that customers will pay for your product. Again, this doesn’t have to be over-engineered, can you ‘concierge’ the offering with a landing page and some manual work behind the scenes.

Speed/Growth: This is very important for us. We are mindful that you are very early in your journey but we like to see founders that trend towards fast execution. Simply put, it is our experience that the best founders move quickly.

Like every investor, we will occasionally invest outside of these constraints so please don’t consider these absolute requirements.

Will there be access to mentors?

Yes, we’ve got a deep pool of mentors, many of whom have skin-in-the-game and have invested in the fund or are founders we respect. To be clear, this setup is “buffet style” if you have a specific problem we can help line up deep-dive sessions with a mentor. This is your company and we rely on you being able to articulate where you need help.

Office Hours

What is office hours?

We set aside a little bit of time each week to meet with founders and offer insight and guidance.

Who is it for?

We’re looking to meet founders and teams of pre-seed/seed stage startups.

When is it?

We host them weekly and set up Zoom video calls.

What is the outcome of office hours?

We met several of our existing portfolio companies via office hours – we think it’s a great way to start to get to know founders and for founders to get to know us.

Office Hours with the Seed Haus Team

We love meeting early stage founders, and pre-founders, and invite people to apply to join us for a 25-min session as part of our next office hours session.